U10-U14 coaches, assistant coaches, referees, and assistant referees: Please take a minute to see how game cards are to be properly filled out.

Game cards are used to record the result of matches and to determine which teams earned Referee Points.  As such, it is very important for coaches and referees to completely, properly and legibly fill out game cards.  Referees should also be sure to turn in the game cards to the Referee Tent at the conclusion of the game.

Before game day, coaches should prepare their game card.  Coaches can either write them out by hand by using the pre-printed individual cards, or use a spreadsheet or PDF file to assist them in printing their cards on cardstock.

Click here for a downloadable PDF form.

Just prior to the start of the match, the Assistant Referee will typically take possession of the game card and keep it for the remainder of the match, denoting goalkeepers, substitutes, and goals scored for each quarter.  At the conclusion of the match, the three referees will print their names and the teams that they are earning Referee Points for.


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