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Dear AYSO Parents:

Once the team coach has assumed charge of the children on his/her team, the coach remains responsible until a duly designated adult has taken charge of each child after a practice or game.

No child shall be left unsupervised after a game or practice. Parents who are unreasonably late or consistently tardy may be reported to the Regional Child and Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) for action. Each coach may establish a standing policy of where children may be picked up by late parents.

AYSO does not encourage children to walk or ride a bicycle home or to a friend or relative’s house. However, we recognize that it may be necessary in some cases. Neither AYSO nor the coach can be responsible for a child’s safety if they do walk or ride home. A parent or guardian assumes full responsibility for the safety of the child once he or she is released from a practice or game. Please note that this also applies in the case of players who are of legal driving age and transport themselves to and from AYSO activities.

If you child will walking, riding a bicycle or driving themselves home from practice or games, please complete the following form in order for your coach to release them.



Live Oak Park is OPEN

eAYSO Volunteer Forms & Concussion Awareness

Notice to all current and prospective volunteers of Region 98: Please be sure to fill out your 2014 AYSO Volunteer Form.


Additionally, all COACHES and REFEREES are required to take the AYSO CDC Concussion Awareness online training course at aysotraining.org.  Thank you for your time and commitment to the safety or our children!

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