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It’s been an amazing season for the GU10 Section All-Star Team “T.C. Champs.”  They won the Area 1C Section All-Star Championship.  Last weekend, they played in the Section 1 All-Star Playoffs finishing second and advancing as a semifinalist in the California State Championship Games.  They showed the heart of a champion during their challenging run in area and section play.  We want to thank all the parents, friends, and supporters or our team and the Region 98 soccer community for investing in the lives of these girls. Great job girls, you’re an amazing team!

Our team picture from Riverside after placing 2nd  in Section 1 All-Stars.  Coach George, Coach Freddy, Samantha, Leilani, Ella, Mea, Cynthia, Mikala, Alyssa, Michelle, Isabella, and Juliana.


Live Oak Park is OPEN

eAYSO Volunteer Forms & Concussion Awareness

Notice to all current and prospective volunteers of Region 98: Please be sure to fill out your 2014 AYSO Volunteer Form.


Additionally, all COACHES and REFEREES are required to take the AYSO CDC Concussion Awareness online training course at aysotraining.org.  Thank you for your time and commitment to the safety or our children!

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